Huzhou Sunflower Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. was set up on the basis of the pharmaceutical department of Hangzhou Sunflower Technology Development Co. Ltd.(STD) in 2015. S-Pharma inherits all STD’s assets such as facility, technology, products, team, management and trademarks, and focus on the development and producing of pharmaceutical excipients and API’s. Led by Mr. Wu Jiaxiang, the main PVP founder in China, the team possessed tens of concerned process and application techniques, gathered 35 years of experience of sustainable R&D, engineering practice and marketing, specially in Polyvinylpyrrolidone series (Povidone, Crosspovidone, Copovidone and Povidone iodinated), Chondroitine Sulfate Sodium series and artificial cultivating of Cordyceps. The company is well known as full range covering, high quality and good service in the industry. The company is widely praised by the customer both at home and abroad.

The company has the GMP production lines of 600 tons annually of Povidone at low molecular weight ( Povidone K12, K15, K17, K25 and K30), 800 tons annually of Povidone at high molecular weight ( Povidone K60, K90, K120), 300 tons annually of Povidone Iodianted with high stability and 100tons annually of Chondroitine Sulfated Sodium. The company also first finished the industrial cultivation of aritificial cultivating of Cordyceps and the concerned products are under marketing now. HSP will take pharmaceutical biological products or biological extracts with advantage of techniques or resources as the new development direction.

Our business philosophy is “People fist, Innovation Oriented”, and also our business objective is to continuously improve product with Speciality, Suitablity and Superiority.

We wish to establish long term business relationship with the customers worldwide. We will provide you with quality products and sincere services. and create spiritual and material wealth with you.