Hebei Jiheng (Group) Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. established in 1996, located in Hengshui lubei industry park。 It is one of the subsidiary company of Hebei Jiheng Group Co.,Ltd. The company have four branch companies, Hebei Jiheng (Group) Pharmaceutical Shengzhou Co.,Ltd, Hebei Jiheng (Group) Pharmaceutical Haixing Co.,Ltd, Hebei Jiheng (Group) Pharmaceutical Formulation Co.,Ltd, Hebei Jiheng (Group) Pharmaceutical Trading Co.,Ltd. The Group is licensed to manufacture a line of products including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, finished formulations, Chinese Herbal medicines, pharmaceutical intemediates, total more than 150 products.

The company has innovative workforce in all key positions, total more than 1500 employees including 460 technicians working with the company. The company covers an area of 390 thousands square meters. After years of fast growing, the gross assets of the company reached USD60 million yuan, turn over 1200 million yuan per year. The company is the biggest acetaminophen manufacturer, the second biggest Analgin,Antipyrine,Aminopyrine Manufacturer,and nationally biggest analgesics and antipyretics manufacturer nationally.

Hebei Jiheng has a strong Quality Assurance and Control section with ultramodern analytical instruments which has a number of dedicating members, of various disciplines, working for the Quality Assurance and Control section. At Hebei Jiheng, quality Assurance plays an integral part in monitoring all critical process mandated by GMP. All the APIs products have registered in EU, INDIA, RUSSIA and now proceeding the USFDA registration. Hebei Jiheng has obtained the ISO9001, ISO14001 certificates. The Folic Acid has certificates of KOSHER, HALAL, FAMI-QS ISO22000.

The APIs products including Acetaminophen, Analgin, Aminopyrine, Antipyrine, Aspirin, Folic Acid. The annual manufacturing capacity is: paracetamol 25000 tons, analgin 3500 tons, aspirin 5000 tons, aminopyrine 1000tons, antipyrine 100tons, folic acid 500 tons. The folic acid is complying the quality standard of feed, food, pharmaceutical grade. The Direct Compression granule products includes paracetamol DC90, DC96, and analgin DC90, DC96. With the setup, as per cGMP guidelines, we have an entire range of tablet machinery, with a total production capacity of 5 billion Tablets per annum. The finished formulation products including Paracetamol Tablet, Analgin Tablet, Folic Acid Tablet, Aspirin Tablet, Ibuprofen Tablet and a wide range of other generic medicine. With facilities available to cater to all segments of domestic and export markets, we also produce patent formulaiton such as anti-caugh medicine Boshu, Bangni. and dozens kinds of Chinese Herbal medicines.